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About Us
HanaNara means "One Country" in Korean. Even though we live so far away from Korea and Korea is divided into two, we feel that there is one country that unites us all.

We are a company dedicated to filling the needs of the Korean-American community in NYC area.

We arrange language tutoring service for low income Korean-American children/adults, help establish web presence for Korean-American owned organizations and businesses, provide various useful information related to living in NYC area as an immigrant or foreign student from Korea, and maintain online community for Korean-Americans.

We are still at our infancy and we need your help!

Look back to the days when you have just arrived in this country and try to remember the confusion and frustration you had to go through. Every day tasks, such as using the public transportation to getting a green card can be overwhelming. Often there is very little help available to recent immigrants and what little help that's available is only in English. We are trying to do our small part to make lives easier for Korean-American community.

If you can help. or if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate and please contact us - Apathy and division can only hurt our community.

Email: webmaster@hananara.com

Phone: (718)359-1133 leave a message.

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