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(New Brunswick, NJ)-Eight months after receiving the bid for KASCON 2000, Rutgers University's Korean-American Student Conference staff is working in a frenzy to present the most outstanding KASCON yet. As one of the largest, and oldest, annual ethnic national student conferences, KASCON is held at different schools all over the country. Some previous sponsor schools include University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Texas (Austin), and University of Chicago, producing seminars offering in-depth foci on the socio-economic, political, and cultural issues that are significant to Korean-Americans today. Rutgers University received the bid for KASCON 2000 with its winning theme, "Reflecting the Past, Refining the Future," at the 1999's conference held at Stanford University. Recognizing the influences of our past and present is the only way to understand and further establish a stronger position in the global community for the future, as well as for today. Truly contemplating and focusing on our current position in society will unfold the paths we are making for the future. We must ask ourselves if these paths are truly the ones we seek, and in which we find benefit to our community. Hence, we aim to refine the future, though unknown, in terms of its potential. KASCON 2000 will be the 14th annual conference of its kind. An approximate 800-1000 students will unite at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, from March 16-19, to learn, contribute, and reflect upon issues that concern Korean-Americans most today. Students participating in the conference will submerge themselves in interactions with hundreds of other students, as well as many revered guest speakers, from all over the nation, in group seminars and discussions, providing insight into new concepts and ideologies surfaced from different influencing backgrounds. KASCON 2000 promises to be a monumental event-- one in which many will undoubtedly be greatly impacted.

Website: www.kascon.com
Contact: Esther Kim, Public Liaison (732) 846-3428 or by email
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